Welcome to Our Home

Welcome to Our Home

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Chic needs to get to bed...

Oh my is this addicting!!  So many fun little gadgets, and so many wonderful blogs out there to look at.. I am noticing that a blog is kind of about "you".. which I suppose isn't a bad thing.  I would love to have all of my girlfriends make a blog,  it's really kind of fun.. look at the list I have accumulated by just the end of two days.. There sure are a bunch of talented ladies out there.. so up my alley, I am a lover of new ideas and the blog scene seems like a wonderful way to view and exchange daily insights with other people that have similar interests.  Okay, so I'm in.. this may not be exactly what I thought it was going to be, but as far as interactive it is SO ... just in a different way.. each person's blog is a bit about them and that's what makes it all so interesting.  Still if my girlies don't want to do one of their own and want to share some of their talents I would love to showcase them on my blog for you, giving  you total credit of course.. just email me your photos :) Well it's almost midnight and I will surely be up with Mitchell at our normal 5 am.. so good night.. and God Bless 


  1. Jen~
    Your site looks wonderful!
    Hope you have a wonderful day. I am scrubbing from top to bottom. I am having a luncheon for Hannah's 17th BIrthday tomorrow!
    Thought & Prayers~

  2. Thank you! I noticed that my block "clock" is set to the wrong time.. I don't see where to fix that.. any idea?


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