Welcome to Our Home

Welcome to Our Home

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Brad ~

June 12th was our 16th Wedding Anniversary, but since we were both busy with work... today is the day I plan to enjoy with my husband.
I remember that day very well.. Ashley and I racing down Court Street in Pekin listening to "If I could Walk 500 Miles" all the way up, laughing and anxious to get to the Church to get dressed, I remember my Grandfathers kissing my cheek before I went to stand in wait of The Wedding March, I remember my cousin's wife Lara and her father singing Sunrise Sunset as we lit the candles with their big beautiful voices, while I held your shaking hand..
.. To many memories to list at the church..
Then off to our reception that my mom worked so hard on...
We had live music by Lisa Goekens band... and our first dance was to Wonderful Tonight, by Eric Clapton.. I remember we both were crying, had such a good time.. So much to cherish.. not to mention all of the time from then to now. We have been through so so much, I love you more today than I did that day, and I never thought that would be possible to match! ~ I love you Brad.. thank you for following me around that hot summer day.. and all of the days to follow! It's Turkey Festival weekend, just as it was the year we were wed, and the year we met and you waited outside the bank for me!!
I knew we would be together forever from the first time I saw you.. and you know that is the truth!!... and so do the good friends that were there when all of the sudden I said out loud "That is the Man I am going to Marry!!".. they thought I was losing it!.. well ~ look who was right ~ ;)
Love ya,

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