Welcome to Our Home

Welcome to Our Home

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Glad to put this week behind us.. hopefully for good

We are happy to have our sweet little Faith home and feeling much better!! What started out as a normal Monday morning turned into a three day hospital stay for Faith. She came home from school around 11:30 with a headache and a sore neck.. no fever.. Normally, would have just had her lay down and rest.. Well Monday morning a little girl I babysit for had a seizure and to the hopsital.. So I called the Dr. to see.. he wanted to see her, by the time we drove an hour to his office she had began to get a fever.. threw up in parking lot 3 times and they put us directly in a room, with Dr. T to follow right away. Within 5-6 mins he said we are admitting her. HUH? ok.. so into the wheelchair and up to the Peds floor we went. Right away temp now up to 103.3 and then to x-ray, then blood tests and an IV. okay.. so this mom was pretty scared and still not really sure what we were looking for. Ended up she had somehow gotten Strep into her blood stream and also had pneumonia.. no cough and no symptoms until we were at the hospital. All in all a very scary 3 days trying to keep her fever at bay and on 2 Iv Antibiotics and an oral antibiotic. I am so thankful that God brought her home out of a few very scary moments in the middle of the night, when mom wasn't there but dad was...scary enough that the nurses were still talking in the morning about it and daddy cried. Faith we are so happy that you are home, although I know you thought it was pretty cool to be waited on hand and foot! We love you!!!
Mom & Dad

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